Content Warnings

A secondary character (Jamie’s mom, Donna) experiences a panic attack at the end of Chapter 15 until the beginning of Chapter 16.

Discussion of death of a parent due to a drunk driving incident and a parent’s alcoholism. Discussion of Donna’s anxiety and history of depression.

  • Hazel’s mom’s body image issues. Discussion on page with her mom in chapters 37, 50, and 71.
  • Hazel’s ex has her massage his inner groin muscles (chapter 4) and drunkenly tries to kiss her without consent (chapter 53)
  • discussion and memories of divorce, Rory’s mom leaving (throughout the book)
  • Hazel and Rory send pictures back and forth (partially clothed, not quite nudes). No one else sees these photos, they are NOT leaked or shared with others.

Discussion of abandonment by a parent.

Hannah’s mother passed away suddenly when Hannah was 16 (aneurysm), and while we don’t see her death on page, there is a lot of internal narrative and dialogue around missing her mom, thinking about what her mom would think of Hannah in present day, and striving to make her late mom proud.

Wyatt’s aunt had Alzheimer’s and eventually passed. We hear his aunt’s wife discuss losing someone to Alzheimer’s.

Discussion of aunt’s death due to cancer, discussion of brother’s accident and concussion, job site accident with concussion

Discussion of abandonment of a parent, brief scene where child is lost (but found safe almost immediately)

Discussion and memory of loss of a parent as a child, verbal harassment by other male comic