The Heartbreak Rule

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  • Release date: May 24, 2022

    She hates him. Now she has to perform stand-up comedy at his theater.

    Gemma’s a rising comedian with dreams of sold-out tours and Netflix specials. Nothing will get in her way—especially not the cocky asshole at the comedy club bar every night. He broke her friend’s heart and she hates him for it.

    Reid’s a secret romantic who loves sparring with a certain commitment-phobe comedian. When the comedy club closes without notice, he opens his theater to the comics, including the witty, charismatic Gemma. She’ll rip his heart out, so he should keep his distance… but he can’t help but provoke her.

    They need to work together without bloodshed so call a truce, but the tension builds and sparks fly. He’s off limits, so why is she fooling around with him? She’ll leave him in the dust, so why is he finding reasons to spend time with her? This spicy and hilarious enemies-to-lovers rom-com features a grand old theatre, sharp banter, stand-up comedy and an all-night variety show.